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New Salt Line Syringes for Trace Metals analysis

ICP-MS trace metal analysis enhanced with Hamilton Salt Line syringes.

Many laboratories conducting metals analysis on environmental or clinical samples use the Hamilton 500 series diluter/dispensers, which have been proven to enhance their analytical efficiency and performance.


Spare Parts and Consumables

The continuous availability of spare parts and consumables at our central warehouse guarantees the fastest delivery. You can order spare parts andconsumableseither by phone, email or fax and have our Support Team check and provide you with a net price quotation.

Your advantages:
We always have essential spare parts on stock at our warehouse, which means they are immediately available
The fastest delivery is ensured
fast and easy ordering along with an availability check report and net price quotation.

Service Support Pack
Feedback from user groups has created the demand for the Microlab Service Pack to support your instrument and assure zero down time relative to consumables failure. The kit retained within a rigid plastic case, which is provided free of charge, is assembled to reflect the users demand for syringes, tubing lines and valves. The information provided with the kit offers further information as to expected replacement periods and includes all part referencing for components (see here for service pack front and insert checklist)

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