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New Salt Line Syringes for Trace Metals analysis

ICP-MS trace metal analysis enhanced with Hamilton Salt Line syringes.

Many laboratories conducting metals analysis on environmental or clinical samples use the Hamilton 500 series diluter/dispensers, which have been proven to enhance their analytical efficiency and performance.


Equipment Validation (ISO 8655)

The PC-Volume software used by Microlab Technologies technicians in the calibration of both the Hamilton and Hirschmann dispenser/diluters carries out all calculation in accordance with internal regulatory bodies through receiving and responding to data from PC-Volumes bi-directional interface avoiding transcription errors and establishes a standardised test protocol. The system meets GLP and ISO requirements and conforms to the procedures recognised by ISO 8655, DIN Standard 12650, and the NCCLS (National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards).

The environmental variables that may adversely effect gravimetric testing during performance testing and calibration which include temperature, barometric pressure and evaporation are factored into the mass to volume calculation automatically as the sample results are received by the computer. As cycle time is a key potential source of error due to changes in evaporation constants, test cycles are predetermined and automated to assure compliance with ISO 8655 and technicians realise consistency in test values. All instrument information and calibration results are stored in the data base which allows trend analysis of individual instruments performance to be viewed and analysed.

The statistical results for each instrument are fully traceable and automatically calculated from formulas and tables provided in ISO 8655. Pass or Fail detail is flagged if instruments do not reach manufacturers metrics.

A copy of the ISO 8655 document can be purchased from The International Organization for Standardization HERE.

Test instrument validation
Instrument performance report
Protocol for Performance test
Formula used by PC-Volume software