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New Salt Line Syringes for Trace Metals analysis

ICP-MS trace metal analysis enhanced with Hamilton Salt Line syringes.

Many laboratories conducting metals analysis on environmental or clinical samples use the Hamilton 500 series diluter/dispensers, which have been proven to enhance their analytical efficiency and performance.


Compliance - Accredited Laboratories

For Accredited Laboratories and particularly those in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, comprehensive qualification and validation of measuring systems is mandatory.
Working in a regulated environment, you need to be confident that your instruments are compliant to the latest FDA regulations and USP standards. Since we are most familiar with how the Hamilton and Hirschmann instruments are designed to perform and operate, we can complete equipment qualification and support instrument validation efficiently, while minimizing your risk of non-compliance. compliance
The Microlab Service Team is committed to providing total support as your trusted partner in satisfying compliance and performance objectives.

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